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Rebtel Offering 200 Minutes Of Calling To India In Just $3.49

Cheap International Calls to India
International calling becomes a necessary part of our lives, not just because we get rich, its just because some of our friends and family members started living abroad for their livelihood and we want to talk with them frequently,In today's time we have lots of apps for making international calls for free, but right now some of our folks and fellow's are not able to buy a smartphone and any expensive internet or 3G plans, for all those this plan from Rebtel works like a charm..

The communication has never been so easy and simple but the advanced technology changed the medium of calling forever. This plan is good for business owner's also who's settled outside India and regular calls to India this plan saves their lots of money in international calling.

Rebtel always launch great international calling plans, but this one is the best and cheapest for its customers.In this plan every customer who joins the Rebtel from anywhere in the world who frequently calls to India will get 200 Minutes of calling for 30 days validity in just $3.49.!!!

One of the major attraction of Rebtel's plan's is they offer all its services contract free, means you didn't have to sign any contract with the calling service provider for availing this great service and plan..

Get ready because calling from Rebtel with its calling application is a tool which brings you and your business towards success..!!!

It Affects Your Budget

International Calling makes a big impact on your pocket, if you are a student and frequently calls to India from anywhere in the world then this plan is best for you.If you go towards the free international calling applications then most of the apps provide you free international calls but the calling quality is really poor or you can say worst but till then you already spent lots of your precious time and Broadband MB's in downloading and setting up the app..!!!

But this Rebtel app will give you great crystal clear voice clarity without draining your Broadband's and 3G or 4G's data..

Now Lets compare some apps and their calling plans with Rebtel and you get to know yourself how Rebtel is better from all those..!!!

  • Skype:- always gives us the best international calling services but if you consider Skype is famous for its free Video calling feature and in this feature you are able to make free international video calls to only other Skype user, but if you try Skype for making international phone calls then you have to pay a lot pf bucks for a small period of time or you can say you have to pay high rates for international calling..
  • Localphone:- Another awesome international calling application which gives you free and cheap international calls to all around the world but if you also compare to Localphone with Rebtel then you know that Rebtel is offering much less rates for making international calls.
  • Rebtel:- The one and only app which gives you great deals for making international calls with crystal clear voice clarity.The one more best part is you didn't have to pay a single penny for roaming charges. Like if you travel to Europe from any of your country then you have to pay around $4 for a single minute call but through rebtel the calling rates are same..
So all i can only say that if you are a frequent caller to India then give a chance to Rebtel and we hope Rebtel will not disappoint you..!!

How to Get Rebtel's 200 Minutes To India Calling Plan..??

Getting this awesome India calling plan is really very easy just follow the below listed steps and in just less than one minute you will able to make cheaper calls in crystal clear voice clarity.

  • Just hit on our Button showing in this line and you will redirect to the Rebtel's offer page.
  • Now Click on the button "Try Now For Free" and fill all your details and create a free account on Rebtel.
  • Now you will get a first call of 5 minutes free try the Rebtel's calling quality and then load your account with Rebtel's India calling Offer.
  • As you load your account you will get 200 Minutes of Calling with a 30 days validity in just $ 3.49.

Enjoy your great calling and share your experience with us of India calling plan of Rebtel...!!!! And also tells our reader's about the Rebtel's services and its offer's..!!!


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