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Make Cheapest Calls TO India From Localphone

Some days ago we posted an article about Rebtel in which we says that they are offering cheapest calls to India from anywhere in the world, but now we seems that Localphone is also in the race to offer cheap International calls to India, or you can say cheapest international calls to India from anywhere in the world.These 2 giants of VoIP industry always offer the best international calling plans for regular users and customers.

Localphone is one of the best VoIP service provider who connects you with your loved ones anywhere in the world with just few clicks, with Localphone's mobile and PC apps you are able to make cheap international calls easily and cheaply anywhere.

About Localphone VoIP Service Provider..??

As we all know Localphone is one of the leading VoIP service provider in the world always launch offer's and services in favor of its customers, Localphone also have lots of application for calling as you want if you are having a Smartphone then install Localphone's mobile app and start making cheap international calls.

The best part of Localphone's application is you are able to sync your one account with all your apps, means you are able to make calls from your PC and Smartphone's with your one Localphone account, you don't need to create different accounts for different apps and places.

Localphone also gives you opportunity of free roaming anywhere around the globe, you could roam anywhere around the globe but don't have to pay a single penny for roaming charges just because these VoIP service provider's are cloud based they didn't have heavy wiring's and devices.

How To Make Cheap International Calls To India..???

Making Cheap International calls to India is really very easy and simple with Localphone's application and its web browser based calling option.

If you have Smartphone then install the Localphone's application in your device and start making cheap international calls and if you didn't have Smartphone but PC and a working Internet connection then install the Localphone's PC app or open their website and dial your desired number, but make sure that you have mike and Speakers in working condition..

  • Go to Localphone's website and register yourself and your number by providing all correct information because wrong information will discontinue your services.
  • When you successfully register yourself with Localphone then you will get a 5 min free call to test their services. So first make a use of that call and check their calling services.
  • After that load your account by choosing recharge options which you want and if you want some discount or double talktime offer then visit our coupon code's page.
  • After recharge start you are able to see your account balance for making cheap international calls.
  • The calling quality of Localphone is crystal clear.So enjoy calls..

Calling Rates To India..??

If you compare calling rates of lots of VoIP company then you get to know that Localphone is really cheapest calling service provider.

Recently Rebtel reduces its India calling rates by launching some International calling plans in which you are able to get 200 Minutes of calls in just $3.49 so the calling rates would be 1.74 cents per minute, but if you are a regular caller to India then choose Localphone who slashes its India calling rates and they are offering 3 plans for Calling to India listed below.

  1. India 250 in which you will get 250 Minutes of calls in just $2.80 so your per minute calling rate is 1.1 cent per minute.
  2. India 1000 in this calling plan you will get 1000 calling minutes in just $9.5 so if we calculate then the calling rates are 1 cent per minute..
  3. India 3000 This India calling plan is for heavy callers and you will get 3000 minutes of calls in just $ 27 so now the calling rates to India is .90 cents per minute which is really very cheap..
So choose your calling plan as your requirement and if you know some other calling service provider who have really low rates with crystal clear voice clarity then let us know and we will post it in our next blog post...


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