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Hike-Now Send Unlimited Free Text Messages All Over In India

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If you are a regular reader of our blog then you find that we talked very less about sending free text messages in India, In fact over the Internet if you search you will find lots of apps which gives you free text messages to other app users all around thee world but you rarely find the app which allows you to send free text messages to all other numbers all over in India without charging you a single rupee.Yes friends you heard right today we are going to talk about "Hike" A Funny messaging app which allows you to send free messages on any number all over in India.

Hike is the first app in India which gives you full enjoyment and keep you update with all activities of your friends.You can able to update your status, Mood over hike.There are a feature named "Circle Of Friends" in which you add your close friends and share your more intimate things with those friends.

One thing more which makes this app really great is named as "Recent Updates" it means now your friends update their anything then you will able to check their updates in the Recent updates tab in Hike application, and moreover the app offering you free text messages to any number all over in India for lifetime.

About Hike Application

Hike is a brand name of Bharti Enterprises and SoftBank Corp., this app comes into lime light before 1 year ago and the app now touches the biggest milestone of apps history in India, only in India there are upto 50 Million users of Hike and there are lots of users using hike outside from India.

Hike is a first mobile application which gives you full fun like social network with free messaging now you don't need to spend your single rupee to send text messages when Hike is here for your Smartphone's.With Hike you can able to send free text messages to all who also installed Hike on their Smartphone's if anyone can't have Hike on their phone then also you able to send free text messages to all your friends without spending your a single dime.

The app only uses your WiFi, 3G or 2G data for transmitting the message through Internet.Now forget to sit in front of PC for sending free messages simply download the app in your Smartphone and start sending free text messages.

About Free Text Messages Offer

Hike offers you free text messages all over in India but there is a little twist now.If you are sending message to other Hike user then its free and Unlimited but if you are sending message to a non Hike number then you will get only 150 SMS per month for free.

But you can able to extend these number by inviting your friends on Hike a single friend joins hike through your invite then you will get 50 free extra SMSes every month it means now you will get 200 SMSes every month for sending.

So now do some mathematics here if you send invites to your 100 friends and from them if 50 friends Joins Hike then you will able to send messages them unlimited and free along with you will get 50 X 50 = 2,500 Free Text messages every month.

Features Of Hike

Without knowing features no one download the app because without great features any app never becomes enjoyable and beneficial.
  • Free Text Messages:- Free Unlimited text messages to all over in India .
  • Status Update:- Update your Status over Hike same like your Facebook Status but this time your status will be shown over your friends Mobile phone's.
  • Mood:-  Tell your friends about your mood by setting up your mood over hike's mood function.
  • Recent Updates:- In this tab you will able to know all the recent updates of your friends.
  • Circle Of friends:- Some of our updates are intimate and we want to share that with some friends so add all those close friends in this Circle of friends.
  • Hike To Any Number:- Send free text messages to any number in India and the text messages delivers instantly after sending.

How To Get Hike In Your Smartphone's..??

Getting Hike in your Smartphone's is really very easy and simple just go to your Mobile's app stores and search for Hike when you will find Hike in your App stores then download the app direct from your app store and install it.

once the app installs in your mobile then you will get 150 free SMS to send in India and you able to send Unlimited messages worldwide to all other Hiker's.

Hike app is available for Nokia, Blackberry, IOS Devices, Window's Phone and All Android Devices.


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