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Talk.To Is One App For All Your SMS And Social Chat Needs

Free text messages
Here on Free Calling Hub we always talk about free calls or cheap international calls but in our history rarely talk about Free text messages or about apps who gives you a perfect solution of chatting with your social network friends.If you loves texting and using Nimbuzz then i bet you that after using Talk.To App you will forget all other apps which gives you chat facilities, because this is the first app which gives you free sms facility also.

You could able to send unlimited free text messages to all around the globe along with get replies in the same window.You could able to send free text messages to all your phonebook contacts for free and able to chat with your Facebook, gTalk, AIM, Yahoo and etc contacts.

What You Will Get.??

Talk.To is a new app for all your chat and SMS needs if you want to talk with your Facebook and AIM or any other social network friends simultaneously then this is the perfect app for you, or if you want to send an SMS to anywhere in the world then you could able to send free on any number stored in your phonebook.

Talk.To app is available for IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android Devices and Windows phone, they gives you 200 free Text messages when you joins Talk.TO app.Now start sending free Text messages anywhere in the globe and if you balance of Free Text messages rans low then they will credit 5 Free SMS every week in your account through this you will able to get 20 free SMS every month.
In further releases earning free SMS will become very easy and you will able to earn lots and lots of free SMS'es in doing such a simple things.

You will get lots of things by using Talk.To app below you will find the features of the app.
  • Instant Messaging:- Lightning fast chat with your friends over Facebook, Google Talk (gTalk), Windows Live Messenger (MSN) Office colleagues using (Talk.To Teams) and your phonebook contacts.
  • Free SMS:- Free SMS credits to send free text messages to any of your contact stored in your phonebook.And able to chat with your Social network friends for free.
  • File Sharing:- Share files and photos with your contacts across Facebook, gTalk and MSN friends and as simple as dragging in the chat window.
  • Cross Network Groups:- This is the best feature of Talk.To app if you are chating with two of your friends one over Facebook and the second over GTalk then pull both in a group conversation and you will able to start a meaningful conversation between you three.Redefined Group conversation.

How To Get The Talk.To App.??

Getting the Talk.To app is really very easy and simple just go to your App stores and find the app named (Talk.To) and start downloading the app from your store if not then just go to their website and download the app from their website.And after install you will get 200 free sms and after syncing your contacts you could able to send free messages to any of your contact anywhere in the world for free.

This app is also available for Desktops and laptops so if you want to send free text messages direct from your pc then you can also able to do this and that's why this is the best app for sending text messages and we recommending this app to all of you.

If you have any suggestions or any queries about the app then feel free to leave your comments below.


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