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Get Skype On Your TV & Convert Your Living Room In A Conference Room

Skype On TV
If you are a big fan of Skype or Skype becomes a part of your life and your laptop and mobile phone is not enough then here is a good news for you all, now Skype is available on your Home or any TV also.Skype launched a whole new concept of Skype on TV, you will never miss a call or a phone call.The best thing is all the features which you get on your laptop or mobile phone will also get on Skype on TV.Although the one more benefit you will get is you can place a video chat while lounging on your couch.

Skype on TV is a whole new concept from Skype because in these days we are becoming lazy day by day and keeping this in mind Skype launches this concept through which you could able to make video calls while resting on your sofa or on your bed.

How Do We Get Skype On TV.??

This is the obvious question which arise in the mind how do we get Skype on TV, so let me tell you friends this is not an easy job for getting some high benefits we always want to invest something and have to give some time.This is not easy like downloading the Skype on your laptop and start making free video calls.Although you are able to make free video calls, free voice calls chats and lots more from your Skype On TV, but before getting all these benefits you have to invest a little amount for getting Skype on your TV.

There are three ways of getting Skype on TV below you find all three and decide which one is best suitable for you.

1.) Skype Ready TV's:- Although this is the expensive way for everyone.For this you need to buy a Skype Enabled TV, TV WebCam, a high Speed broadband connection and your Skype account.We and our team started to find out some Skype enabled TV's but the results are really surprising.LG, Panasonic, Sony and lots of TV companies offer Skype ready TV but thee cost is around $800 and inspite of this you also have to buy Skype TV webcam, instead of investing your money in both you could invest in a new MacBook.

2.) Using A Blu-Ray Player:- This is a slight expensive solution for adding Skype on TV for making free video and free voice calls.In this solution you want a Blu-ray Skype enabled player which connects with your Current HDMI TV, A TV webcam but this time you can buy a regular tv webcam not a Skype enabled Tv Webcam.The Blu-ray Player which we checked on Skype's website is ranging around $150 to $350.This is not enough you have to buy a Tv Webcam also which costs you around in a range on $51 to $149.With these you want a high speed Internet connection and a Skype account.

3.) Using Tv Cams:- This is probably the best, easiest and the cheapest solution for bringing Skype on your TV for making video and voice calls for free.For this you will need a Skype enabled TV Webcam which you able to connect with your TV (Note: This feature work with only HDMI TV), a high Speed broadband connection and a Skype account.On Skype's website the cost of the Skype installed TV Webcam is around $199 to $250.Just plug these cams with your TV and start making free video calls and free voice calls with your loved ones on comfort of your sofa.

Features You Get Skype On TV
  • Skype to Skype free voice and video calls
  • Skype to mobile and Landline calls (Skype credit required).
  • Call forwarding
  • You will get a free voice mail
  • Call conferencing feature also enabled in Skype on TV
  • Manage your profile and status from your TV

Some Additional Benefits Of Skype On TV

Along with the above features you will get some more benefits on Skype on TV first is like notification, if you TV is on and you are watching any movie or a serial or anything else and in between you got a call on Skype then Skype notify you about the call so its your choice to accept or decline the call without disturbing.

when your TV is switched off, there is an option to set Skype runs automatically in background and forward your all calls to your voicemail or on any other number where you want.This feature is not enabled you have to enable this feature manually through your Skype TV.

If you have any doubts and queries about the Skype on TV then feel free to leave your comments below and if you are crazy about Skype then go get Skype on TV.


  1. Can you also comment about the availability and cost of Skype TV and devices in India.

    1. Hey Madhur,

      Panasonic offering the Skype ready TV's In India and they have a big stock so you could able to buy the Skype ready TV In India from Amazon..

      Abhishek Bansal

  2. Infact I just checked and saw that Sony, Samsung are also selling these tv. However the cost of camera is additional about 5K...
    So not sure how many people will actually use them...
    I guess these should come integrated in tv itself.. why separate..