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Free $10 International Calling Credit From Rebtel

$10 Free Calling Credit
Tired of losing out loads of money on international calls.?? Cutting down of words in order to save money.??Are your phone bills making you how you cope with other monthly expenses.?? If yes then throw out all these worries and sit on your chair or sofa and relax because now we are going to give you a solution through which you able to save your monthly phone bills by 80%.Shocked by listening 80% but my friends its right.!!! I know every 1 person out of 3 reading this post (Especially In USA) want to reduce their phone bills.So this is the perfect time for you.

Now all Smartphone and PC or regular mobile phone owner's will able to save their lots of bucks every month on International as well as on National calls just by using our great friend's VoIP service named "Rebtel".

Rebtel is one of the leading VoIP service provider in the Industry.First of all tell me do you know what is VoIP.?? If yes then its good if not then let me tell you that VoIP is a short name of (Voice Over Internet Protocol) with this technology the company transmits your conversation over the Internet in a secured manner for offering you cheap international calls.By using VoIP services one could able to save their lots of bucks every month and able to cuts down the monthly phone bill expenses by 80%.

Today i am proud to say that every month almost 15,000 to 20,000 peoples in USA saving their monthly phone bills by using my suggestions.So don't wait and try these offer and cuts your phone bills by 80%.

Cheap International Calls By Rebtel

Rebtel is one of the leading VoIP service provider in the industry and serving millions of peoples every month and saving their lots of bucks by offering them cheap international and national calls in very low rates.The calling rates of Rebtel is low because they use VoIP technology and for using Rebtel service you want a PC or a Smartphone with Good Internet connection.If You havee both then you able to install the Rebtel's app in your PC or Smartphone and then able to make international calls in very low rates through the app.

The app only uses your Internet connection and place your call with crystal clear voice clarity.Assume if you are calling to India from USA then from regular service provider costs you upto 50 Cents per minute but if you make a call from Rebtel app then your calling rate is 1 cent per minute.

The biggest benefit of Rebtel is to certain destinations you could able to save a more than 80% from your telecom service provider.

Special Offer:-For all our new Readers or old readers who didn't started using Rebtel till now this is a golden opportunity for them Rebtel is offering double your Bonus credit.If you buy international calling credit of $10 from Rebtel then from our special link then you will get $20 international calling credit instantly in our account.

How To Get The Bonus From Rebtel

Getting the bonus from Rebtel is really very easy and simple just follow the below listed steps and you will able to get the double calling credit and start saving your monthly phone bills.(This offer is just for our readers so if you follow the below link then only you able to get the double calling credit).
  • First of all go to the Rebtel's special promotional page for Our Readers.
  • Now Click On "Claim Offer" and fill out the Registration form with your correct information.
  • Don't forget to check that at last in the bonus code filled with "100%Bonus".
  • Now once you get registered with Rebtel you will get a 5 min free call for testing their calling service make call anywhere in then world.
  • Now go to "Add Credit" tab and buy Rebtel's $10 international calling credit.
  • Once your purchase is complete then you will see $20 in your account instantly.
  • Now start making cheap international calls to all around the world without worrying about our monthly bills...!!!!!

Advantages Of Making Calls From Rebtel

  1. You will able to make cheap international and national calls to all around the globe and cuts down your monthly phone bills.
  2. Make free calls to all other Rebtel users for free.
  3. Send text messages in very low rates.
  4. Crystal clear Voice clarity.
  5. Works fine over WiFi, 3G networks.
  6. Best advantage is you are free to roam anywhere in the world, Rebtel doesn't charge you anything for roaming anywhere in the world.
  7. Rebtel offers you access numbers, if you don't have smartphone then get an access number from Rebtel for making cheap international call.
  8. Rebtel offers great offers to all its old customers time to time.
Note:- If you have any queries and suggestions about the double credit offer Then feel free to leave your comments below.


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