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WeChat Offering You Free International Calls & Free Text Messages

Free International CallsHappy New Year To All..!!! This is the first blog post in this new year 2013, we hope this will give all of you a better way to connect with your friends and families for free without paying a single dime.As our tittle says we are talking about WeChat VoIP app for Smartphone's which is offering you unlimited free international calls and free text messages to all around the world.WeChat is a growing name in VoIP industry and catching lots of new users because of its new features and services. WeChat offers you not only Free calls and free text messages, you should also able to make Video calls, Video chat, Voice chat, should able to make new friends and lots more.

In this world everyone have Mobile phones and the best thing is WeChat is available for all platform's, if you have Nokia, Blackberry, Android or IOS devices then you should able to use WeChat VoIP app.

About WeChat App

WeChat is developed by Tencent Inc. The Tencent is founded in 1998 and grows in China.After launching the WeChat VoIP app Tencent gets a new Royalty because of the quality and services of WeChat app.In stating the app comes only to offer you chat option through which WeChat app users should able to chat with one other for free but later the developers work hard around the clock and brings calling feature and lots of other features in the app.

These Features gives you a totally new way to explore the world just from your mobile phone, now wwhen you have a Smartphone and WeChat installed on your phone then why you are wasting money for calling your friends and family.

Features Of WeChat App

There are lots of awesome features in the WeChat VoIP app which gives you a better way to connect with your friends, check out below to see the detailed features of WeChat app.
  • Video Call:- Video call is available in WeChat's 4.2 or higher version.Through this feature you could able to make free Video international calls to your WeChat friends for free, the Video quality is HD better than Skype.
  • Moments:- Share your photos with your friends by using through feature.In this feature you should able to set the visibility of your photo.
  • Voice Chat:- In the chat window of your app you will see a button named Hold to talk, tap the button and hold it till you record the message once you recorded the message release the button and your voice message sends to your friend.
  • Emoticons:- You should able to send emoticons in your chats.
  • Group Chat:- This is a function which is rarely gets in any of the VoIP app.Invite your friends and start a group discussion.
  • Shake:- This is a crazy and funny feature in the app if you want to make some new friends then turn on this feature and start shaking your phone this will tell you who else also shaking their phone are the same time around the globe, now select the people whom you want to talk.
  • Look Around:- is also a new feature in the app which shows you the people with their location which is nearby to you.Send them greetings to invite for chat.
  • Drift Bottle:- This is the awesome feature of the WeeChat app i also love this feature, in this feature you should able to through a bottle in sea after writing a message into the bottle, you also able to catch a bottle and read the message which is inside the bottle.
  • Facebook Connect:- Now connect yourself with Facebook and chat with your facebook friends in the WeChat app.
These are the best and new features which makes WeChat totally different and unique from other VoIP apps.

How To Download The WeChat App..??

There are two options for downloading WeChat app on your Smatphone's, either download the app direct from your Smartphone's app store or download direct from the WeChat's website.
  1. First go to the WeChat's website and select the app for your device.
  2. Now download the app and start installing the app on your device.
  3. Once you installed the app on your mobile then follow on screen notifications and register yourself for free.
  4. Now Add your friends or send invitations to your friends, wechat app sync your contacts and tells you who also using WeChat on their mobile phones.
  5. Now start using WeChat app and make free calls and send free text messages to all your WeChat friends for free.
If you have any suggestions and queries about the app then feel free to leave your comments below.


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