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Is Viber losing its shine From The Hearts Of Smartphone Lovers.??

Viber is a great name in VoIP industry if you discuss anyone in the world about making free calls, free international calls to friends then they recommend you to Viber.But Is it still happens.?? Does Viber able to fulfil its users requirements.?? Is Viber available for all platform's, why Viber doesn't launching its PC application.?? These are some questions which every Smartphone lover want to ask from Viber.So today guys n gals lets start the topic and i try to give you the answer and best alternative of Viber for you daily use and need.

I know Viber is a perfect application for making free international calls to all your friends all around the world, Viber also gives you free text messaging services too.But Viber contains calling feature in its iPhone and Android apps, so how do you call your Viber friends who have a Nokia or a Blackberry phone.

Its a big question does they switch their phones for getting Viber's free calling feature, so here i say stop and think again there are lots and lots off new apps which gives you free international calls to its users in crystal clear voice clarity and the apps is available for all platforms.Here if you switch your app from Viber to any other then you don't need to switch your Smartphone and you could able to talk with your friends for free and also able to explore more new things.

So now i don't take your so much time lets come to the point and first i'll tell you the bugs and problems in Viber app and after that i'll interact you with new apps which is best alternative of Viber or maybe better then Viber.

Bugs & Problems With Viber

There are lots of bugs and problems in the Viber app and the Viber doesn't have any solutions of these problems these bugs helping Viber to loose its shine from the hearts of Smartphone lovers.
  • Viber calling feature is only available for iPhone and Android devices, not for Nokia, Blackberry and Window's phone.
  • The Viber app is not available for PC's, you have to first install the Bluetsacks app player for installing Viber in your PC (Check Out Here).
  • If you call from your Android device then first you hear clear voice but after 30 seconds the app shows that your network connection is poor and you also didn't get clear voice either your network is good.Its a bug in Viber itself.
  • The app crashes lots of time so its also causes problems.
These bugs and problems are enough for Viber's failure so i recommend you to check out some other apps for free international calls free text messages and lots of other great features and explore the world.

So now come and lets check the other new apps for your devices for making free international calls is crystal clear voice clarity.

Rebtel VoIP App

Rebtel is the leading VoIP company of the 21st century because of its great and immense services and features, Rebtel allows you to make cheap international calls to all around the world and you could able to make free international calls to all other Rebtel users anywhere in the world in crystal clear voice clarity.

Rebtel have the app for all platforms like Nokia's (Symbian), Android Phones, iPhone, Window's phone and Blackberry device.This is the best app for all your needs and desire and for making free international calls without any problems.


This is the name which you everyone knows about it, Skype the free Video calling service which is the most popular app for your needs, this app allows you to make free video calls to all other Skype users in HD quality and if any of your friend have Skype but don't able to make a video call then make a Voice call and talk wit them for free without any problem.

Skype gives you a user friendly interface through which you could easily able to make free international calls to all your friends and families, the Skype app is also available for All Platforms.


This is one of the best VoIP app developed for smartphone's which gives you a totally new way of exploring your life and allows you to make new friends with its unique features and services.

First of all i want to say that WeChat app is available for all mobile phone platforms, if you have a iPhone, Android, Nokia, Window's or a Blackberry phone then you could able to use the app without any worries.

This app allows you to make free Voice and video calls to all your WeChat friends and you can also able to text your friends, insert similes, send pictures, videos, sounds and lots more.The new features in the app is Moments, Look around, and shaking.

In moments you could able to upload your images to your profile and set to public for seeing everyone, how you enjoying your life.The feature Look around is a great feature in this feature the app shows all those online peoples who is nearby you and using the app.

These are the top three app's for your Smartphone's which helps you to forget Viber app and you could able to talk with your friends without any hassle and problems.In The market there are lots of apps better then Viber but these three are top so i strongly recommend you to try these apps and forget your phone calling bills.

Tell us if you are satisfied with my opinion, also tell me do you also facing problems in using Viber app.


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