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Get $3 Free International Calling Credit From ChatTime

Free International calls
After PC VoIP now Mobile VoIP (mVoIP) is getting a lot of publicity these days.Some mobile applications like Viber (For Mobile and PC hack), Maaii (100 minutes of free calls) and lots of other Mobile VoIP apps like Rebtel, Localphone, Magic Jack, Bobsled catches millions of Smartphones in no time.All this happen because the VoIP providers gives you unbeatable service and a ease of use of these apps all for free.These apps comes with lots of other technologies which is not possible for our old telecom provider.One other reason of increasing usability of VoIP apps is its offers and services some VoIP apps gives you free app to app calls, text's, video calls and lots more.

Today we are going to talk about a new VoIP app named "ChatTime" who generously agreed of giving $3 free international calling credit to all our readers, so friends this is a great time grab this $3 free international calling credit from ChatTime.

ChatTime App

ChatTime is a great app for iPhone which is inspired with the latest technology and one who can download and install the ChatTime on their iPhone could able to make Free or low cost telephone calls in a crystal clear voice clarity.The user of ChatTime will able to save its 80% of monthly phone bills against the equivalent calls from Skype, and if you compare ChatTime with all other phone calling sevice providers then you can save upto 90% on your phone calls.

One of the best fact of ChatTime app is the app doesn't require WiFi or 3G for placing calls, this fact brings a lot of difference between ChatTime and all other apps like Viber, Skype, Maaii and all other VoIP apps.Because for using all other VoIP apps you need Internet connection for accessing the apps.

ChatTime is a unique app that allows you to make cheap or free international calls in crystal clear voice clarity with high standard.This app doesn't use internet connection for making international calls and that's why the ChatTime app gives you hassle free crystal clear voice clarity.This app is all for those who are frustrated from their telecom provider and facing the problems like echo, no network coverage and lots of others.So the ChatTime app is gives you hassle free user and calling experience.

Features Of ChatTime App
  • No WiFi:- There is no need of Internet connection for making calls through ChatTime.
  • Crystal clear call quality
  • Make cheap international calls to 59 countries.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Call you existing iPhone contacts.
  • Make free international calls to all your ChatTime friends.
  • You could able to buy credits direct from your itunes
  • Unlimited calling plans also available.
The strongest Customer support team makes ChatTime a leading VoIP service provider because customer support is must for every company.ChatTime also have a "Tell A Friend" initiative in which you could get 50 cents of calling credit when any of your friend buy $5 calling credit on ChatTime referred by you.So in this case if you have a large friend circle then you can able to save lots of bucks every month by getting some free calling credit.

$3 Free International Calling Credit From ChatTime

ChatTime is a good VoIP service provider and now they started offering $3 free international calling credit to all our readers.All new customers of ChatTime will get $2 calling credit on Sign-up but with our special link you will get $3 free international calling credit for free.

These calling credit is gives you upto 102 minutes of international calls (minutes varies upon destination).


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