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Get Free International Calls To Switzerland For A Whole Week From Localphone

Free International Calls
Skype is the biggest name for making free international calls, but you could able to call your friend when he/she also online on Skype otherwise if you call on a regular number then the cost of Skype is so expensive from a lot of other similar providers.All these other similar providers also use VoIP Telephony (Voice Over Internet Protocol).VoIP is not a new but the technology is definitely seeing advancements with time.The benefits of VoIP Telephony are vast.It is easy same like browsing over the Internet.By using VoIP telephony one can able to save a huge amount of money in making calls especially international calls.

Today many people using VoIP telephony for making international calls and saving their lots of money.Not only calls are made the VoIP companies gives you Video calling, conferencing, chatting and texting services for free.

Today we are going to talk about a well known VoIP provider who launches its new and attractive offer for its old and new customers. Localphone a great name in VoIP industry offering you a whole week of free international calls to Switzerland.Seems like crazy right.!! But it true friends if you have an Internet connection in your Smartphone or on your PC then you could able to make free international calls to Switzerland for a whole week.

About Free International Calls Too Switzerland

Localphone is a big fish in VoIP sea and lots and lots of peoples use its service for saving their bucks every month.And today Localphone starts a promotional offer in which everyone could able to make free international calls to Switzerland for free, without paying a single dime for a whole week. So its a better option to switch your VoIP provider with Localphone and start using a new quality and services offered by Localphone.

The Free International calls too Switzerland offer starts from 9th January 2013 12PM GMT till 16th January 2013 12PM GMT.

If you miss this offer then also you can make really cheap international calls to Switzerland using Localphone VoIP solutions.The International calling rates to Switzerland are 1.4 Cents per minute which is really cheap and your pocket surely afford it with ease.

How To Get Free International Calls To Switzerland.??

Getting these Free international calls to Switzerland is really very easy and simple just follow the below listed steps and you should able to make free calls to Switzerland for free in just 2 mins..
  • First of all Go to the Localphone's special promotion page.
  • Now click on "Sign Up Now" and register yourself with Localphone.
  • Once you registered yourself with Localphone then you will get first 5 min of free call to test their calling service make a use of that call by calling anywhere in the world.
  • Now go to the dialer of Localphone either on their website or in their Smartphone's app and dial the Switzerland's Number in international number and hit the call button.
  • Bingo your call connected and now talk as long as you want for a whole week, without worrying about the cost because its absolutely free of cost.
For Old Localphone Users

If you are a old user of Localphone and you also want to make free international calls to Switzerland then you don't do anything just wait for the time 9th January 12PM GMT 2013 and after that time you should able to make free international calls to any of your friend or family member till 16th January 12PM GMT 2013.

And for making these free calls your old minutes will not used these calls are absolutely free of cost.

So now start making free international calls to Switzerland from Localphone and experience a new service and quality of international calls.


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