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Get $10 Free International Calling Credit On Your Blackberry Mobile

As we all know that making international call from mobile phone now become a trend and making international call through any app from your mobile device is a win win situation because those apps will saves your lots of mobile bills every month.This time if you search over the Internet then you will see that the apps for making international calls is available for iPhone and Android mobiles, not for Blackberry devices.So now i searched over the Internet and brings a new VoIP app for your Blackberry device which gives you $10 Free International calling credit without buying anything.

This is a trial offer from MobileMiser VoIP provider who's started offering Free international calling credit to all its Blackberry App users.So this is a win win offer for all Blackberry users because in the market there is a lack of VoIP apps for Blackberry Mobile phones.

About MobileMiser VoIP Provider

Successful telecom entrepreneur Rasool Verjee launched MobileMiser as a cellular long distance solution.MobileMiser is developed for the people on the go, MobileMiser enables you to save money with exceptionally low cost long distance rates, international calling rates and lots more.All MobileMiser users will able to make cheap international calls to North America and abroad.

MobileMiser is one of the best VoIP service providing company who launches its app for Blackberry Smartphone, now all Blackberry users you don't have to be sad because MobileMiser is here for all your international calling solutions.

Features Of MobileMiser App
  • Best app for making cheap international calls from Blackberry Mobiles.
  • $10 Free international Calling credit for making calls on all numbers of North America (Users would able to make calls all around the world after verifying the account).
  • The MobileMiser gives FroogleCall app to all blackberry users which you can able to get from App store of Blackberry.
  • The app works best over 3G or WiFi.
  • The app gives you hassle free international calling experience in digital voice quality.
  • The app sync perfectly and you could able to dial your any number in your contact list through the app without paying high calling rates to your old mobile carrier.
How To Get The $10 Free Calling Credit.??

The $10 international credit is absolutely free for all Blackberry users you doesn't need to buy anything for getting these free calling credit.All you have to do is just follow the below listed steps in order to grab the free international calling credit.
  1. First of all visit on the MobileMiser's website and register yourself with Trial calling plan.
  2. Now fill all the required information and click on Submit.
  3. Once you submit your details you have to download the App for your Blackberry phone by clicking here
  4. Now select a number from your contact list and then press the menu button for making a call and then select the Froogle Call for your calling option.
  5. Now you will see that MobileMiser is connecting and in sometime your call will be connected and you'll experience a hassle free calling.
Terms & Conditions

Every VoIP app who gives you free international calls always have some terms and conditions which everyone have to accept in order to get the offer.The terms and conditions are not much hard to accept, check out below the Terms and Conditions of this International calling offer.
  • The $10 you get for free is available for making international calls to North America.
  • But if you verify your account then you will able to make calls around the globe by using these $10 free international calling credit.
Froogle Call is a killer app for your Blackberry device which directly downloaded from the Blackberry's app store for making international calls which cuts down your monthly bills by 80%.Call anywhere in the North America in very low rates starting from 1 cent/minute and the abroad calling rates are also very low, not the best rates but in comparison with your Operator your will get lots of benefits.

So friends if you are using Blackberry mobile phone then don't think to switch it for any app because now FroogleCall is here for all your calling solutions.And i highly recommend you to use FroogleCall for once.

If you have suggestions and queries about the offer then feel free to leave your comment below.


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