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Get Some Free International Calls From MilliTalk On Your iDevices

Free International CallsTalking with friends and family is very very important for most of us.But talking becomes very difficult with those whom we know internationally or if your Family or friends lives internationally then it becomes more important to talk with them regular but high calling cost will never let you do if you don't have the correct application installed on your mobile phone or you don't have a cheap international calling plans from your mobile calling service provider.But now in this technical world there are lots of apps available in the market through which you able to make very cheap international calls to all around the world.

But here you have to check which app is good for you and for this you have to know somethings about the app like price, package details and what areas of the world the international service is available for.Now as we mentioned above there are several apps which gives you cheap international calls so why don't you try out MilliTalk.?? For making international calls in very low rates.

What Benefits You Get From MilliTalk..??

If you are using your mobile phone minutes for making international calls then install the MilliTalk mobile app on your Smartphone and cut the phone bills which you pay every month to your carrier.MilliTalk is a great VoIP service app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.If you start using MilliTalk on your Mobile then you will able to lower your international calling bills by making calls direct from the app.MilliTalk never use your phone calling minutes which you get from your service provider, MilliTalk has their own plans and services which gives you really cheap international calling rates for all your calling needs, choose the calling plan which best suits to you.
  • Preview:- Free To try Limited Calling For 14 Days
  • Free:- Limited Free Calling and talk to more for a little credit
  • MilliTalk Best Value:- $39.99 per year take often..!!
Now its up to you that which plan you will take for your calling needs and for cutting down your international calling bills, if you are not sure about the services and facilities provided by MilliTalk then we recommend you to first try their Preview account which gives you 14 days of free international calls and see how's you like it..!!!

When you start using the MilliTalk on your phone then you will see that your phone loads with new features which you can't see anywhere else.When you will start using MilliTalk on your Smartphone or iPhone then you will get another number for international calls which is used for making all international calls and that's why your iPhone have 2 numbers which is rarely possible.MilliTalk will also turns your iPod touch and iPad into a calling device through which you able to make really cheap international calls to all around the world.

Now if you decided to get a free account of MilliTalk then just go on their website and download the app by selecting the plan which you want for your calling needs and you will see that signing up with MilliTalk is really very easy and simple for making really cheap international calls to all around the world in really crystal clear voice clarity.If you install the MilliTalk on your Device then you will get all the below listed features on your iDevice..!!!
  • Inexpensive International Calling:- Call anyone in the world
  • Call Anywhere:- Make and receive calls over WiFi/3G
  • Advanced SMS:- Free Yourself from expensive cellular texting plans
  • Emailing SMS:- Email a text conversation to anyone
  • Talk and Text For Free:- MilliTalk to MilliTalk calls and texts are always 100% free.
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • SMS search
And lots more facilities you will get with this app on your device.For more information visit on the MilliTalk's website.


  1. Thanks for the write up! Happy calling and texting!

  2. tell me how can i make a free call????

    1. Hey Zeeshan,
      Just download the MilliTalk app and choose your calling Plan, choose Free Plan and register yourself and get some free international calls for checking their calling quality...

      Enjoy Reading

      Warm Regards
      Team-Free Calling Hub

  3. how do i make that millitalk free calling on my computer

  4. How do i Interstella that millitalk free call on my computer