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Make Free Calls From Your PC/Laptop Using Viber App On YouWave

Friends if we have Smartphone's then we able to enjoy the every single moment of Life and if we don't then we miss all those moments which our friends enjoying with Smartphone's by calling each other and texting each other for free.All Smartphone's users who have a big friends group in all around the world will always use Viber App on their Smartphone's because this is the only app which gives you free calls and free text messages to all around the world.But if you don't have Smartphone then you not able to enjoy these happy moments.But not Now, However we found a new method to get you Viber for PC with the Same functionality like an Viber App on Android Device.Hold on this tutorial is not same like other tutorials available online on many sites.

We are giving you much better method of Downloading the viber for pc in just 5 minutes and hassle free, you don't have to do all the messy things and lots of steps this tutorial will contains only 3 to 5 step by step method.We done all the things in just 5 minutes and we also posted the video of all the things necessary for this download..

Installing Viber On Your PC/Laptop

Installing Viber on PC/Laptop is not an easy job you have to do a lot of hard work before installing the app if you follow the other's method but if you follow this method then you able to install the app in just 5 minutes on your PC.All the Smartphone's apps will run fine on your Smartphone's like iPhone, Blackberry, Android but if you want to fool the apps and want to run them on PC then you have to take a help of Emulators and Simulators.These are those platforms which act same like a OS or Device an fools the apps, the apps doesn't able to understand the difference between the Smartphone or Emulator Or Simulator.So today we are going to take help of Simulator which is totally Different from Android Emulator.

The Google Android Emulator have lots of steps and lots of work to do before downloading the app and after that the app is not able to install on the PC/Laptop using Emulator as our readers say.But today we are going to beat our previous post because this tutorial takes your only 5 minutes.

Now lets see the Steps which is essential for Downloading the Viber on PC/Laptop, here is also a surprise for you we mention the tutorial in a Video which gives you clear cut idea on How to Download the Viber app on your PC/Laptop using the YouWave Simulator.

Just follow the Directions directed in the Video for To Get the Viber For PC Installed On Your PC.

The Download and installation Process in our video takes longer than usual time because of Slow Internet speed....

Things To Remember for Viber For PC
  • First of all if you face any problem any issue then ask a question in the comments freely and we will help you in installing the Viber App on your PC/Laptop.
  • Viber app is a little Buggy so its might not work all the time on PC, if it happens then just try to re start the simulator after the installation of viber on PC/Laptop.
  • The Viber App we downloaded on the PC/Laptop with the help of a Simulator which is known by YouWave Android Simulator Download it and start using the Viber On Your PC.
  • Viber for PC is now really possible with the Help of YouWave and soon we post the article on how to verify your phone number using the Viber on Simulator for free.
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Now We must want to know how would you like Viber On PC/Laptop without facing any problems.

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  1. after i did all the steps, viber didn't run and seem to be crushed.