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Make Free Prank Calls From PrankOwl To Your Friends Without Getting Caught

Do you want to prank upon your friends.???? But you are not getting solutions on How to Do a good Prank on your friend without getting Caught.?? If you browse the Internet then you will get to know lots of websites which offer Free Prank calling services . But from all those websites one of the “PrankOwl” is our favorite for sending the pre-recorded pranks to your friends at free of cost and that too without getting caught with having a lot of fun in your free and spare time. PrankOwl is the famous Prank call service providing website in today’s generation with hilarious kind of jokes, pre-recorded messages and lots more. All the Jokes of PrankOwl are different from all other kind of websites.

By using the PrankOwl you will be able to send the Prank jokes on your friends mobile number without getting caught because the PrankOwl gives you the facility to change your Caller ID before sending the prank you will also be able to record the reactions of your friends. Isn’t it great.... and sounds exciting ....!!!!

Why To Make A Prank Call

We think its very funny to do such things whenever you have a heavy work load upon you when you are in a very stressed mood. Because these type of Pranks always coverts all your tensions and worries into joy and laugh. It becomes necessary for us in the free or spare time . Just think you have a lot of free time and you want to do something , but all your friends are out and you won't be able to meet them . So in that case just send a free Prank Call on your friend’s Mobile number without getting caught and record their live reactions. After that when they listen to the prank sent by you then you can download the file on your Smartphone and play it in front of all which will seriously give you a great fun.

Now we will discuss on how to make a free prank call using the PrankOwl .?? But before that we need to tell you .What Is A Prank Call Actually.???, because lots of people don't know What Is A Prank Call Actually.??

The Prank call is a kind of joke which can be send on any number from a website or the site's app through which the joke is translated in the hilarious sounds . When a person receive the prank call , after accepting the call by the person the joke has been played and the timing has been set as if like all thinks that its happening all with them in real...All this will be always for fun not for any type of serious issues.

How To Make Prank Calls From PrankOwl

For Making Free Prank Calls and using the PrankOwl site is really very easy and simple just follow the below listed steps and start making free prank calls for a little fun.
  1. In order to make a free prank call first you have to Visit on the PrankOwl's website.
  2. Now once you land up on their website you will get 3 free tokens for making a prank call for every 1 prank call your 1 token will be deducted.
  3. Now enter the recipients number and then the number which you want to shown on the receiver's screen.
  4. After that if you want to record the call then turn the record the call "On".
  5. Now select the prank joke which you want to play when receiver picks the phone and after that click on Start Call.
  6. If you want more free tokens then create your free account and then like the Facebook page for getting more free tokens.
If your Calling country is not listed in the PrankOwl's free country list then buy some tokens from PrankOwl in very low rates and then start sending Free Prank calls to all over the world without any restrictions.


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