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Free Call-Make Unlimited Free Calls To Philippines For 1 Month

VoIP providers in the VoIP market are increasing day by day and they also coming up with lots of new offers.After Googling for 2 days our team got a result that India, Pakistan and Philippines are the most called destinations over the world, so today we are come up with a new VoIP Provider who's offering Unlimited Free Calls to Philippines.The name of VoIP provider is "Air4" and they offering lots of plans for calling to Philippines but the most liked offer is Unlimited Free Call to Philippines from anywhere in the world from any device using the SIP Configuration.Air4 is a VoIP service provider who is totally dedicated for making calls to Philippines without asking you for a single dime.

So if you are using any other VoIP provider for making Calls to Philippines then switch your VoIP provider with Air4 and Start making Unlimited Free Calls to Philippines without spending a single dime.Its a revolutionary offer from Air4 and the calls are free for 1 month by using our trick.

Air4 is a New VoIP provider and that's why their calling quality is also very good, and they want you to check their calling services by making Unlimited Free Calls to Philippines from anywhere in the world for a whole month.The every call is limited upto 10 minutes but you able to make 3 calls of 10 minutes everyday.

Features Of Air4 Free Calls
  • Unlimited Free Calls To Philippines From Anywhere in the world.
  • The Free Call to Philippines is for the whole month, you able to make Unlimited free calls to Philippines for a month.
  • Air4 Supports SIP services.
  • Configure the Air4 SIP services with any device and start making Free Calls to Philippines.
  • Calling quality is crystal clear.
  • Download their SIP client on your Window's PC/Laptop and on Mac Book also and configure it with their SIP settings for making free calls.

How To Get 1 Month Free Calls To Philippines

This Unlimited Free Calls To Philippines is brought to you by the VoIP service provider named Air4 communications.They are trying to get some paying customers by giving them some free calls to try their calling services.So if you want to get some Free Calls to Philippines then follow the all steps carefully.
  1. First fill the Air4's Registration form for trial calls.
  2. After registration you will get Unlimited Free Calls to Philippines for 7 days.
  3. Now Enter 10 email address, by clicking on the Tab "Renew" the Trial subscription.For every 5 new E-Mail address you enter in the Renew Subscription tab you will get 15 days of extended Trial calls period so in this way enter 10 different E-mail address for getting 30 days of Free Calls to Philippines.
  4. Now Download their Window's and Mac Software from their Downloads section.
  5. After the installation of the Software, now use the below listed SIP settings for use the service on your Smartphone and on your Desktop/Laptop or Mac Book.

SIP Settings Of Air4 For Making Free Calls To Philippines

Once you have signed up for the Air4 services you will be able to make Free Calls to Philippines from your PC/Mac Book and from Smartphone's.Call on any PLDT Line, Landline+, Globe Mobile and Sun Cellular in the Philippines for free.

To Make calls to PLDT Line or Landline+ just Dial 9 and the Phone number, for example 9 555 1234.And for making calls on Globe Mobile and Sun Cellular's number you have to dial the number in the following format:- 9 0917 111 2222.

Now if you want to make Free Calls to Philippines using your Smartphone or any other device which supports SIP services then follow the below SIP settings for using the offer.

USER ID:- Your Air4 ID
Password:- Your Air4 Password
Sip Server:-
Port:- 5060

So now after configuring the SIP settings you will able to make Free calls to Philippines for a whole month.Now you able to make 3 calls per day for free of 10 minutes each, that means you will able to make 30 minutes of free calls daily for 30 days.It's not bad although you are getting the calls for free always.


  1. They have reduced the number of days in the plan. Currently it is just 7 days!

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