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Make Unlimited Free Calls & Send Unlimited Free Texts To Anyone In The World By TextPlus

Making Unlimited free calls and sending free texts across the world is now become a first choice of our readers.So we always try to get some free calls and some free text messages for our readers instead of paying calls.Today we are going to talk about a new Voip service provider who really gives you Unlimited free calls to across the world and Unlimited free texts to anywhere in the world for free.Yes friends you heard correct..!!!! Its absolutely true the TextPlus a new Voip service provider really offers you free calls and free text messages.

TextPlus is a Voip service provider who offers iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 app for making Unlimited free calls to anywhere in the world  from App To App and Make Unlimited Free Calls to All US And Canadian numbers with Unlimited free texts from App to App to anywhere in the world and also send unlimited free Texts to any number in the US and Canada.After using TextPlus Voip app on your Smartphone you will bee able to save upto $1100 in a year.

TextPlus is a powerful app which converts your iPod, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Android Phone, And Windows Phone Into money saving machine for making international calls.TextPlus also gives you ability to chat over texts in a Group format.

About TextPlus Voip App

TextPlus is a Voip app of Team GOGII.TextPlus team thinks that texting is the fastest and easiest way to connect with people.They always focused on bringing that experience to more people-even those who don't have phones-In real time, with more of a group experience.They are talking chatroom's for all of your friends who texts, no matter what type of phone they use.A way to reach a whole group in an instant with a single message.

TextPlus is committed to providing free texting through their sponsor supported app.Now on iPhone, iPod touch and Android phones.

Features Of TextPlus Voip App

  • Send Unlimited Free text messages to your any friend anywhere in the world who also installed TextPlus Voip App on their Smartphone.
  • Send Free Text Messages on Any US and Canadian Number.
  • Make Free Calls From TextPlus app to all your friends who also have Textplus app installed on their Smartphone.
  • Earn free minutes for making calls on mobile phones or Landline numbers for free by completing some surveys and installing some apps.

How To Use TextPlus For Free Texting & Free Calling

Using TextPlus is the very easy by following the below listed steps you will able to install Textplus app on Your Smartphone and also able to use it instantly for making Unlimited Free Calls and able to send Unlimited free texts.
  1. First you have to Visit their website for downloading the specific app for your Smartphone or device.
  2. After downloading install the app on your Device.
  3. When the Installation is finished first you have to create a free account on TextPlus by providing your all details and phone number.
  4. When the Sign-up process is completed and you successfully registered yourself with TextPlus then you able to send Unlimited Free Text messages and also able to make free calls to all your friends.
If you have any queries and suggestions about this offer feel free to contact us by leaving a comment below.

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