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Get Your Own Free UK Number And Get Free International Forwarding

FW Call is a new Voip service provider who works on a different platform and that's why they getting good response from customers.Forward Call's team offering a Free UK (United Kingdom) number through which you can able to forward any of your number anywhere in the world for free.Now you thinking what's the benefit of this number.??? So let us tell you, first think if your any relative or friend or loved one are in UK and you don't able to talk with them due to high cost of International calls or even on VoIP calls because every time you not able to get in touch with High Speed Internet.So in that case FW Call's free UK number is the best option because the all calls you received on that number will be forwarded on your number anywhere in the world for free.
And if your relative or anyone who are in UK have free local calls then they able to talk with you for free because they calling on a Local UK number but the Call is forwarded on your international number for free of cost.

About FW Call

FW Call is a leading telecommunication service provider, they are rapidly expanding their global presence by offering international customers a free UK number and free Forwarding service to any other number around the Globe.

FW Call's powerful system got's 1st grade network which delivers millions of calls reliably every day.Their proprietary call systems and features help customers to operate more efficiently.The FW Call's customers get more that just a FREE UK Number, the all customers also get FW Call's commitment and quality of crystal clear voice.

How To Get A Free UK Number

Getting A Free UK number through FW Call is very easy and free you can get your one by following the below listed steps.
  1. First you have to Visit their Website By Clicking Here.
  2. Now Enter the Number which is outside the UK, means your International number.And then click on "Get Your Free UK Number".
  3. Now you Get your Free UK Number which is forwarded on the number you provided in the first step .
  4. Now just enter your all details with E-mail for their confirmation mail.After that click on Finish.
  5. Now you will be redirected to your dashboard where you got a free test call to check their service and also you able to add more numbers to get more free UK numbers for your International numbers.
To check the coverage of the FW Call's coverage network click here and you will be taken on their page where they listed all the countries in which they now providing Free UK Number and Free Forwarding Facility.

Review Of A FW Call User
Kelly Works in the UK And her family is in Australia: I am from Australia and your service has really changed my life for the better, i register my family to FWCall and indeed i got a free UK numbers connecting my to each and every one of them.Your service managed to make me feel, as if my family is nearby.......Thankyou.
If you have any queries and suggestions about FW Call service so feel free to contact us by leaving your comment below.


  1. is not free, the servise provider will charge you. it happend to me so don't trust this cheating company

    1. Hey Sab,

      Thanks for giving us the information about the company now we take the appropriate action against the company and thanks for being a loyal reader...

      Team-Free Calling Hub