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How To Make Prank Call For Free Without Getting Caught

Hey friends we always talk about free calls and free text messages around the globe but never talk about some fun and interesting things.So today our team decided to talk not about call for free from computer, or send free text messages from anywhere to anywhere in the world.Today we are going to talk about a website which gives you a facility to make Prank Calls for free to your friends without getting caught.It means if you want to make a small prank with your friends or family over phone without getting caught use the "Prank Dial" website.They call themselves the Original Prank Call website over the internet.

PrankCall is a website where you can place a Prank Call on your friend for free.The users who wants free then they get 3 Free Prank Call in a day it means they able to make prankcall on 3 friends or 3 times on a friend.

 About Prank Dial..?? 

Prank dial is a website and mobile app for iPhone, Android and App for Blackberry, Nokia, that makes easy to send humorous phone calls to your friends.All their pranks are pre-recorded messages with very strategic pauses.The receiver of the call will feel as if they are talking to a real person and in turn, react to these hilarious pre-recorded sound bites.The sender of the cal is able to listen live to these side splitting reactions, record them share them on their favorite social network.

What Type Of Pranks They Offer

When you place a prank call on your friends mobile number then after picking up a recorded message will be played, those messages are really very funny, you able to choose from thousands of prank messages that which prank message you want to play when you call got connected.Some of these are very funny and awesome, some of the our favorite are......
Once you choose your prank which you want to send to your friend then send it for free.Now below lets find out how its possible.

How To Send Free Prank Call

Sending Prank call to your friends are very easy after following the below listed steps you able to send Prank call for free to your friends.
  1. First visit to PrankDial website by clicking here.
  2. Now Choose your Best prank which you want to play over the call.
  3. Now when you select your prank then click on it and after that enter the number on which you want to send the prank.
  4. Now enter the number which you want to be appear on the screen when the prank call goes through.If you left blank, the call will show Private Number.
  5. Choose to Listen live or even to record the prank:- This is the Awesome feature of PrankDial
  6. And then click on place the call and your call will be connected.
For every prank call which you place, you will be charged one token.You will get 3 free tokens daily.And these free tokes will be recycled in 24 hours, it means this offer is same like Maaii As they offer 100 free minutes daily free call, PrankDial offer 3 tokens daily for placing 3 Pranks on your friends daily.

How To Get More Prank Tokens For Free..??

When you visit Prankdial website you will get 3 tokens daily and you will also able to get more tokens, and you get those tokens 2 types either you purchase it or either you earn it by completing some surveys.

So friends forget about purchasing just complete some surveys and get lots of free tokens for placing more prank calls to your friends in a day.For filling those surveys and earning the free tokens just click here.

You will also able to get free Tokens on PrankDial's Facebook page and on twitter account.Follow them on Facebook.

Should I Able To Make Prank Calls Outside USA

This time the PrankDial offers Free Prank Calls only in USA and if you want to place Prank Calls Outside USA then you have to Purchase their tokens.But Stay tuned on Free Calling Hub our team is in a search of on how to make prank call outside USA for free like (Free Prank Calls To India).
If you have any suggestions and queries about this awesome feature then feel free to leave your comment below.


  1. can u tell me for india pleaseeeeee

  2. how can call colombia for free

    1. Hey Anony,
      You would able to make free calls to Colombia by dialing 1(803) 369-7051 number from your USA number for local charges.And if you want to make it free then dial this number from Bobsled, Google Voice or from Whistle Phone.Now you listen an ad for 10 to 12 seconds after that dial the destination number with 011 + Country code.And your call will be placed.

      Warm Regards
      Team-Free Calling Hub

  3. You have forgotten about the free service Its free, but you can purchase credits. If you are a free user, you get 2 mins max for an awesome prank call.

  4. download this app to get all pranks freee