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Get 15 Minutes Of Free International Calls From/To Anywhere In The World

In today's time all of us prefer using Smartphones except of Simple mobile phone because smartphones comes with lots of good qualities like 3G, WiFi, Video Calls, Games and Lots more.In Smartphones we able to install lots of applications which gives us a lot of profit.Like If you install VoIP application on your Smartphone then you able to save lots of money which you spend on mobile calls because the trend of Smartphone is on its peak and everyone wants to make cheap calls while on the Go.So that's why VoIP industry growing rapidly and most of VoIP service providers launching their VoIP apps for Smartphones.

Today we are going to talk about a VoIP service provider "CVMobile" who launches their VoIP application for Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPod touch, Nokia and all other Smartphones.And they offering free 15 minutes of Free Calls and texts messages with Free Short International calls.You get all this if you install their app on your Smartphone and the best thing is that their app for smartphone is also Free.

About CVMobile

CVMobile is a part of Convergia's  products.Convergia is a world class provider of Voice, Data and internet services for residential, Business and wholesale customers.Their mission is to delight their customers by providing the highest quality service with best value.They knows the value of money and also knows that all customers love free calls so that they comes up with an exciting offer for all its new and old VoIP customers.

CVMobile Application

CVMobile is a downloadable VoIP app that offers many free services like 15 free minutes of call and 15 free international text messages on sign up and you will also able to get free international calls if your calls are short.You will able to save lots of your phone bill in making calls around the globe using WiFi, 3G/4G or your cellular carrier Voice network.

Features Of CVMobile Applcation
  •  Make free Voip calls with crystal clear voice clarity
  • Chat with your friends who also Have CVMobile app for free
  • CVMobile sync your contacts and tells you that any other friend having CVMobile app or not
  • You will able to make Unlimited free calls to Other CVMobile users
  • Web Call back without any extra hardware or software

How To Get CVMobile For Your Smartphone 

Downloading CVMobile app is really very easy fast if you want to use it then first download their app and use the first 15 minutees of Free International calls and 15 free text messages which you get as a gift of using CVMobile app, and if you like their services then top up your account and save lots of your phone bills daily.

For Downloading their VoIP app on your iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Android, Java, Windows just click here.

What's Special In CVMobile Application
  1. First 15 minutes of International calls and 15 texts free for signup 
  2. Any international calls you place and will be less then 30 seconds will not charged-So next if you want to tell your friends to come online or just give a short message then you don't need to pay.We think that this is the best ever offer launched by any VoIP service provider.
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  1. Its good offers.Thanks

    Try this site also for cheap international calling.

  2. I've just installed viber on Mt bb, but it isn't really worth it without being able to make free calls. Do you happen to know if this feature will be abailable for bb anytime soon? Anda how long will it take?