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Free Calling From Home Phone Using Google Voice And Magic Jack By GVJack

Google Voice is a very popular VoIP service provider who offers Unlimited free calls to USA and Canada.There voice clarity is unbeatable and the top of that Google Voice is free for this year so you can able to make Unlimited Free calls to USA and Canada from anywhere in the world.So that's why we know that most of our readers using Google voice for making free calls from PC.But think how's you react if you get Google Voice for your home phone..?? Isn't it great na..?? Yes our friends this is correct now you able to use Google Voice for making Unlimited free calls to USA and Canada from your Home phone.You can also get Unlimited text for USA and Canada and also able to make really cheap calls to anywhere in the world.

Our friend PC Phone Soft has launched a new app GVJack and with a Magic Jack phone adapter, you can use Google Voice as your home phone.This time there are number of Expired Magic Jack units alone which is not able to use but now you able to use it by installing a simple app known as GVJack.

Over the internet after a search of our team we knows that there are 1 million expired Magic jack adapter is now running like a charm with GVJack app and using Google Voice for making Unlimited Free Calls to USA and Canada directly from your home phone.

About GVJack Application

GVJack is a application is a app through which you can reuse the old and expired Magic Jack Dongle for Google Voice calling even if the Magic Jack Dongle was owned by a different person or has a expired subscription.Google Voice continues to offer Free Phone Numbers, Long Distance calling, texting and Voice mail.The GV Jack app is designed to be used with a physical phone and its keypad to provide a fully featured landline style calling experience.

If you want to start making free phone calls from your Home phone then you just have to Download the GV Jack app on your PC and after the Download Just Plug the Magic Jack dongle in the USB port after that the GV Jack app automatically starts installing on it and now you have to sign in with your Gmail e-mail id and password.

We are also want to tell you that after our recommendation the GVJack app is free for 7 days and the trial period is for you to cheak that all things are work fine or not.After the trial period you have to purchase the app of $19.95.As there are many methods through which you able to use Google Voice for making free calls to USA and Canada from your Home phone so we recommend you to first try GVJack app and if you think that its fine then purchase it other wise look other method.

Now below you will find all the specific details which you want to setup Google Voice into your Expired Magic Jack Dongle.

Setup Instructions Of GVJack Application

Follow the below listed steps to use your old Magic Jack adapter for making Unlimited free calls.
  1. First download and install the GVjack application on your System.
  2. Now after installation Plug a Magic Jack dongle into a USB port of your system.
  3. Once the GVJack recognized the Magic Jack Dongle a window automatically opens for you to sign in.Sign In using any Gmail e-mail account (Google Voice Account) if you don't have any the create one for free.
  4. After signing in the Gmail website has been initialized, the GVjack app traybar icon will be turn red.Your phone will also ring once to check that it is ready for placing calls.
  5. To Signout from your account, right click on the GVJack app traybar icon and select the features dashboard from the menu that appears.
  6. You may also use the same phone for online Voice/Voice chat services by Going Offhook and waiting 5 seconds for dialtone to automatically stop.
After going through all the above listed steps you will able to make Unlimited Free calls from your Home phone by Using your expired Magic Jack adapter and Google Voice.

If you have any confusion and doubt in the setup instructions then feel free to contact us by leaving a comment below or for more details about GVjack app log on to their website


  1. What is the date on this article?

    Has anyone used the GV Jack yet? How is it?

  2. Why are there no comments here? Seems odd...

    There needs to be a place where people who are trying GVJack can share their experiences with it, both good and bad.

  3. I use GVJACK and it works great. For me it has more features and works better so it was a no brainer to not renew my MajicJack subscription especially after they just increased their prices from $19.95 to $29.95 without adding any features or fixing the blocked area code problems.

    Why don't you just download and try it yourself? It's free to try out for a few days and if you don't like it just close the GVJACK program and unplug/plug your MajicJack back in again.

    1. How long does that $19.95 take you for service? How long does $19.95 last? thanks

  4. Does GV Jack App works from India? I tried this app with my old magic jack but I could not place call.

    1. Hey Bhupinder Singh,

      Could you please tell us correctly what error you are facing when placing a call, and are you using GVJack on Magic Jack for calling from India....

  5. And I'm wondering if this app will set itself up and have the ability to make calls from Mexico to the United States. Do I need to have a google voice phone number, or can I use the one magic Jack gives me? I can't seem to find this information with an internet search. I've purchased a new MagicJack, but haven't received it yet. Thanks...

    1. Dear Anony,

      If you bought a new MagicJack device then wait for it, first use your MagicJack and use all its minutes you get and once your magicJack expires then download the GVJack app on your MagicJack device as shown in the article and get a Google Voice number for free, this app connects your Google Voice number with your MagicJack and then you will able to make Unlimited Free calls to USA & Canada from Mexico also...

      Warm Regards
      Team-Free Calling Hub

  6. GVJack app works like a charm! I have a mj (that has remaining minutes) and I dl'd GVJ app and used it for the free trial. It worked flawlessly (and was an huge help because, at the time, I was having trouble using the mj with my old router's firewall enabled).

    As Team-Free Calling Hub suggests, use up your paid minutes (you can switch back and forth btwn GVJ app and your mj minutes whenever you like).

    Suggestion: if using Google Voice on an account with "real" email (or other Google apps), transfer GV to a new GV-only e-mail account. Since GVJ app (and any similar apps) require your Google login credentials, doing so will minimize your security exposure.

    1. I've spent two hours trying to get it to work. Bought a new phone, did the installs, etc. I can't call out altho I get dial tone, I see no onscreen dialer, and I got a pop up about getting a number so I did that but it will forward to my cell phone. I don't want that..I want a separate landline. Very frustrated and upset. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the GV app but nothing works.

  7. Do I need a separate firewall with gv jack app to protect from getting my cumputer hacked into? Tks. DR.